About us

Burkay & Uğur Kimya which has become a leader since 2001 in the chemical industry of Burkay family which has a commercial history of 116 years in Bursa, aims to increase its annual turnover from 500 million to 1 billion TL by the end of 2020.

Planning a measured and manageable growth in this area, Burkay & Burkay Uğur Kimya A.Ş., strengthens the competitiveness of its business partners by working with nearly 45 petrochemical plants in 18 countries where it supplies raw materials.

Burkay & Uğur Kimya, which supplies raw materials to companies that manufacture automotive, packaging and infrastructure and operates in this field, takes approximately 7 percent of total importsof Turkey in this field.

Together with a logistics center in Kıraç (İstanbul), with an investment of 15 million dollars in an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, Burkay & Uğur Kimya conducts the dispatch and management of foreign trade, especially domestic sales, from this center.

Reaching 200,000 mt of polymer sales annually, Burkay & Uğur Kimya is determined as a duty to supply the raw materials to their business partners domestically on time and at competitive costs.

Burkay & Uğur Kimya is a leading distributor of plastic raw materials market in Turkey. The product range includes polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and PVC products.

Together with the sales through its warehouses in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir and Bursa ,the company has increased its annual trade volume to over 200,000 mt.
By dominating the market and customer-oriented working principle , Burkay & Uğur takes its place guaranteed among the leading Polymer distributors in Turkey.