Message from the Management

Message from the Management

The world is changing. In economic balances, local and global investments, resources used, and relations between sectors first and foremost, the entire world is changing and developing rapidly. Turkey is a young, strong, dynamic country that can adapt to this change. Although it may have peaks and dips, it is a resolute country with high potential. We, as Burkay & Uğur, are striving for the high potential our country has to be utilized in the best manner, aiming to achieve new successes every day with all of our knowledge and experience.

Very large projects presenting rich opportunities directed toward different sectors in Turkey are being brought to life, and successes that truly leave a mark in a large market are being attained. As Burkay & Uğur, we believe that we can take our share of these successes and see none of our successes as enough. We always aim for the better and the best. We are using all of our resources to nourish different points of view and determined enterprises. We support new ideas. We work with our very valuable employees without stopping. As Burkay & Uğur, we realize works that will leave marks in the industry we are in for Turkey and the world, and we grow and develop rapidly.

There is always room in Burkay & Uğur for innovative, extraordinary ideas that will take us, our country, and our customers further. We receive strength and energy from the potential our country has and regard contributing to our country’s development in every sense as a mission. In this regard, we are prepared to cooperate for innovative innovations and share our accumulated knowledge and experience.

We are happy and proud for being able to share Burkay & Uğur’s ten-year adventure, its success story, with all of our customers in the sectors in which we provide services.

Vice Chairman
Mustafa Suat Uğur