Burkay & Uğur Chemical, which has never compromised on quality with its EU-standard approach to service, has grown on solid foundations, and it is developing from day to day with a business volume approaching 200,000 tons, rapidly progressing along its way to becoming a world brand.

Professional Solutions, Innovative Approaches

Being a Burkay Group company means having an approach of “quality and trust” from day one. Burkay & Uğur Chemical, which has not compromised on this approach for more than ten years, continues its activities in Turkey’s leading cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, İzmir, Bursa, and Mersin.

Adopting the principle of “The customer comes first” and creating a difference with experienced employees that add value to its work, Burkay & Uğur Chemical provides professional solutions at EU standards, giving its customers a competitive advantage. Burkay & Uğur Chemical, which has reached 200,000 tons in annual raw material sales capacity, continues to develop rapidly with its innovative enterprises.

Aiming to develop its ongoing activities abroad, Burkay & Uğur Chemical has bolstered its foundation with B&U Trading, which was established again under the Burkay Group umbrella, and ıt has enriched the range of services it provides to its portfolio of customers who wish to stand out in a competitive market. Burkay & Uğur Chemical adds new successes to its roster each passing day, continuing to be the greatest supporter of its customers.



Original Raw Material
Recycled Raw Material